Webstore Return Policy

30 Day Return Policy

You will be fully refunded once your return has been approved by the Webstore.

– Quality Concerns

Any products with quality issues (e.g. expired or damaged) are fully refundable. All products sent to the clinic for pickup will be monitored by Clarkson Village Animal Hospital staff to ensure quality.

– Errors

If you receive the wrong product in error (e.g. the wrong type of food), your product is fully refundable.

– Unopened Products

Unopened products (e.g. pet treats) are fully refundable.

– Opened Products

Products that are opened and used are subject to the manufacturer’s policy, therefore a full refund may not be possible. Please call Clarkson Village Animal Hospital to determine whether your opened product is refundable.

Return Recommendations

  • To expedite return transactions, we strongly recommend you bring the item(s) back to Clarkson Village Animal Hospital.
  • If you have ordered a product to be delivered at Clarkson Village Animal Hospital and decide to return it before you receive it, please contact us to arrange a return.

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