Meet Our Veterinarians

Dr. Susan Dewit-Kawiuk


Dr. Dewit-Kawiuk graduated from the University of Guelph first with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Zoology, then with her D.V.M. degree in 1982. After several years of working with companion animals and horses in Southern Ontario, Dr. Dewit-Kawiuk found a permanent home here at the Clarkson Village Animal Hospital in 1992.

Her many years of experience and warm personality have a comforting effect on our clients and their pets. No one could ask for a kinder, more knowledgeable person to work with! She specializes in internal medicine, dermatology, and geriatric dogs and cats.

In her spare time, Dr. Dewit-Kawiuk enjoys biking, paddling, running with her dog, and indoor rock climbing. She also volunteers through her church.

“You know your pets better than anyone and I take your concerns about their health seriously. I see each pet as a new family member since I consider my own dog a member of my family. By spending quality time with you and your pet, it allows me to discuss preventive health care as well as explain what are sometimes complex medical issues in plain English.”

Dr. Barbara Alexandre


Dr. Alexandre has been working at the Clarkson Village Animal Hospital since 2012, primarily during the emergency hours. She enjoys the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with the wonderful clients and pets in Clarkson Village.

Becoming a veterinarian was Dr. Alexandre’s childhood dream; that dream has now turned into a career that she is passionate about and enjoys very much.

When she isn’t tending to the needs of her furry patients, Dr. Alexandre is home with her 4 rambunctious children and 2 equally energetic kitties. One of her boys loves animals so much, she’s convinced he is going to be a veterinarian someday too! She shares her life with her husband of 8 years, and friend since high school.

In her spare time, Dr. Alexandre enjoys reading and painting. Recently she started attending Zumba classes and even though, self admittedly, she is not a dancer, she has been enjoying it immensely.

Dr. Michelle van Lienden


Dr. van Lienden grew up in the Netherlands. After graduating in 2001, she moved to England and worked for over 10 years as a small animal veterinarian in several busy 24 hour hospitals. Dr. van Lienden is part of the emergency team of Clarkson Village Animal Hospital. She is a very experienced surgeon, and is able to perform a variety of orthopedic and soft-tissue procedures.

She has a wonderful daughter, Sophie, who she loves spending time with when she’s not at the clinic.

Dr. van Lienden has recently been appointed as the veterinarian of the ‘Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides’. This wonderful charity organization provides Dog Guides to Canadians with physical or mental disabilities, at no cost. Click here to find out more or to make a donation.

“Because Clarkson Village Animal Hospital is a 24 hour hospital, there is always a veterinarian and qualified technician on-site. This enables us to provide ’round the clock care’ for our hospitalized patients. We are here for your pet when he or she needs us the most. Being able to see critically ill pets recover, thanks to the combined efforts of our dedicated and caring hospital team is one of the most rewarding aspects of my career’.

Dr. Jamie Chung


Dr. Chung believes her role as a veterinarian is to act as an advocate for pets and an educator for people. She knows that to be an advocate for her patient, she needs to make communicating clearly with the owner a priority so they meet a common goal of seeing a happy, healthy pet.

After graduating from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Science, Dr. Chung moved to Brisbane, Australia where she pursued her veterinary training at the University of Queensland. She’s interested in exotic medicine, emergency medicine, and internal medicine.

Although she misses the sunshine and good weather, she’s thrilled to be working with the talented and caring team at Clarkson Village Animal Hospital! With the 24/7 shifts, she expects to get exposure to many interesting cases.

“Everyone I’ve worked with so far at Clarkson Village Animal Hospital has exceeded my expectations and that’s rare.”

She believes in teamwork and is looking forward to working at a multi-vet clinic with compassionate and friendly staff – although she admits to secretly liking animals way more than people!

She lives with her 11 year old cat named Willie and her 6 year old basset hound named Buster. The cat rules the house and likes to boss her dog around; but both are very affectionate, great with kids, and well behaved!

In her spare time, Dr. Chung likes doing arts and crafts as well as staying active with a variety of sports such as yoga, softball, and snowboarding. Her dream is to pursue alternative veterinary medicine.

Dr. Jessica Cusmariu


Dr. Cusmariu dreamed about becoming a veterinarian for as long as she can remember. As a teenager, she attended zoo camp where she got to play with a variety of exotic animals including a lioness cub, wolf pups, lemurs, and more!

She graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Science in 2014, and then obtained her D.V.M. degree from Ross University. She’s interested in pathology, internal medicine, emergency medicine, and surgery.

Dr. Cusmariu loves cats and used to own three, all of whom have now passed away. When she’s ready to take in another feline friend she plans to rescue one from a local shelter.

In the meantime, she’s thrilled to bring her compassion and caring attitude to work at Clarkson Village Animal Hospital every day. She loves helping patients and their families, and supporting that special pet-people bond.

In her spare time, Dr. Cusmariu loves reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, and crocheting – one day she hopes to finish the blanket she’s been working on for longer than she cares to admit! Her dream is to own and operate her own practice.

Dr. Karen MacMillan


At the tender age of five, Dr. MacMillan’s best friend Frisky the cat, defended her against a rabid fox. Something changed inside of her when she saw the OSPCA take her cat away with a rabies pole. A veterinarian was born.

Dr. MacMillan graduated from the University of Guelph with an honours degree in Biomedical Science. In 2002, she graduated with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the Ontario Veterinary College. ‘Neurologic complications following treatment of canine hypoadrenocorticism,’ was her first published journal article as a veterinarian. At clinics across Toronto, she learned how to be a practitioner … and she made sure all her patients were vaccinated for rabies.

The 2013 AAFP conference focused her ambition to specialize in feline medicine with the American Board Veterinary Practitioner Feline Practice. Dr. MacMillan is pleased to start a new adventure, meeting all of the adorable cats and dogs at Clarkson Village Animal Hospital!

She and her husband settled in the Beaches in 2010, and during the renovation of their house they were blessed with the birth of their son. They have three other – furry – children, including Vader the tuxedo kitten, as well as two Persians, Rufus and Chanel.

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