Pet Supplies

Dental HealthOur retail area provides you with a variety of pet supplies, from food to play toys. You are assured that the food, treats, toys, and other accessories are ‘vet approved’ for your furry family members. 

We Provide Veterinary-Approved:

  • Quality Food: Life stage nutrition at prices extremely comparable to ‘premium’ food from pet stores. This includes grain free, whole food nutrition, with much higher quality than pet store food.
  • Veterinary-Exclusive Prescription Food: For many medical conditions, including arthritis, heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, gastro-intestinal conditions, allergies, etc. Our nutritional advisors will make specific recommendations based on your pet and their medical history.
  • Supplements: Omega Fatty Acids, joint supplements, and therapeutic aids for liver, kidney disease, and others.
  • Treats: high quality, low calorie, hypo-allergenic dog and cat treats
  • Toys: Carefully chosen toys with purposes like keeping your friend occupied while you’re gone, agility training, enjoyment, etc.
  • Accessories: Gentle Leader halter to help with walking and to help prevent unwanted behaviours, Urine Erase cleaner, flea combs, knottie knots (catnip toys), hair ball treatments, etc.
  • Grooming Supplies: Pet-safeshampoos, conditioners, brushes, nail clippers, etc.
  • Dental Care Products: toothpaste, oral gels, and rinses
  • And more!

We have extensive experience using all of these products, and we can whole-heartedly recommend each and every one. Feel free to ask us any questions you might have about these products.

Purchase through Our Webstore

With our online webstore, we can deliver your pet products right to your door! It’s quick and easy, with free delivery for orders over $75!

Click here to access our webstore and find out more!

What Foods Do You Recommend?

clarkson-Prevention-video We offer Veterinary Exclusive foods for your pets through our partnerships with the best brands in the pet food industry. These foods are far superior to pet store brands.

We will make nutritional recommendations for your pets based on the science behind these foods and our knowledge of their specific medical histories and needs.

Our veterinarians recommend:

Rayne: Rayne is a unique Canadian brand that designs food with simple and natural ingredients. Our staff are trained monthly on specific foods offered by Rayne. Rayne can also customize food according to your pets’ health concerns, age, and weight. Visit Rayne’s website.

Royal Canin:  Royal Canin Veterinary Exclusive Formulas cannot be found at pet food stores. They design food specifically to your pets’ needs, including dental, hypoallergenic, and calorie control.

What If I’m Not Happy with a Product?

Clarkson Village Animal Hospital Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with any product bought here, simply return the product, tell us about your experience with the product, and you will be fully refunded.

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