Wellness for Cats and Dogs

Our wellness programs help pet families take the recommended and ideal steps to maximize the quality of their pet's life and reduce the chances of health problems. Wellness programs are an essential complement to regular preventive care.

In our own daily lives,we know how important it is to eat well, exercise often, and take care of ourselves. This is all for the purpose of staying healthy, and delaying or preventing certain potential health problems.

clarkson-Prevention-videoThis applies to the dog and cat members of our families as well. Wellness includes excellent nutrition, grooming, exercise and playtime, and many other simple everyday practices.

We've created programs and services centered on wellness, to make it easier for you to accomplish. We want to help you to understand our recommendations for so that you can better help your pets live long, healthy, and happy lives as loving, welcome members of your family.

Our Wellness Programs

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