Pre‐anesthetic Testing for Your Cat or Dog

pre-anaesthetic testing for your petAdvances in anesthetic equipment and medications have made surgery much safer for pets of all ages.

Many conditions (including disorders of the liver, kidneys, or blood) may affect your pet’s ability to tolerate an anesthetic. Our astounding success rate with anesthetic is due in large part to properly maintained modern equipment, experienced use of balanced safe and effective anesthetic medications, and constant staff training.

Our success is especially dependent on our ability to anticipate potential problems in order to avoid potential complications. We have the experience and ability to perform diagnostics before the procedure.

This is called pre-anesthetic testing and it is vital to individualize the type and amount of anesthetic for each patient. Would you say “don’t bother” if you were having a surgery and your anesthetist and surgeon recommended tests before hand?

Pre‐anesthetic testing can identify problems that may not be detected unless blood and urine tests are performed. These tests become even more important as your pets age by allowing us to individualize the type and amount of anesthetic.

What about “Special Needs” Pets?

Pets with heart conditions can safely undergo anesthesia as well! Depending on circumstances, a chest x‐ray, EKG, or heart ultrasound will be performed prior to the anesthetic to improve the safety of the procedure.

With careful planning, we anesthetize patients with kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, etc. ,using careful, continuous intravenous fluid administration and proper adjustments to anesthetic agents. You should see a quick return to eating and drinking at home!

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