Pet Care & Safety During Surgery

Care and safety during surgeryPatients must be closely monitored during and after an anesthetic and surgical procedure until they are completely awake.

During a surgical procedure, under the guidance of the attending veterinarian, our Ontario Registered Veterinary Technician maintains, monitors, and adjusts as required, your pet’s:

  • Level of anesthetic
  • Oxygen intake and blood oxygen levels
  • Respiratory rate
  • Body temperature
  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Intravenous fluid rate
  • Administration of analgesics

Since anesthesia and surgical procedures can dramatically lower a patient’s blood pressure, careful watch using Doppler and Cardell technology allows us to adjust the anesthetic and intravenous fluid rates to maximize the safety of the anesthetic. During any anesthetic procedure, our patients are supported with warmed intravenous fluids containing analgesic medications and warm air cushioning, and are closely monitored by our veterinary nurses.

After surgery, patients are monitored throughout the day to ensure that they are comfortable and if appropriate, having normal bowel movements, urine production, appetite, and drinking habits. If a pet is not acting as expected, any concerns are immediately reported to the attending doctor.

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