Orthopedic (Bone) Surgery

orthopedic surgery for petsEffective Orthopedic Injury Treatment for Pets in Mississauga

Clarkson Village Animal Hospital can perform many different types of orthopedic, or ‘bone’, surgeries. When an orthopedic surgery is very complex or involves spinal surgery, we will refer our patients to board‐certified orthopedic surgeons to ensure the best possible outcome.

What Types of Orthopedic Problems Are Most Common?

  • Cruciate ligament tears: Major knee injury, common in dogs.
  • Leg fractures: Broken leg, often resulting from accidents or vehicle collisions.
  • Hip dysplasia: Abnormal hip socket function, can cause lameness and arthritis.
  • Disc disease: Spinal disc degeneration, most common in middle aged dogs.

What is the Treatment for Fractures?

Treatment will vary, depending on the type of fracture, its location, and your pet’s age. Common treatments include:

  • Applying a cast: No surgery required, but often there are complications with the cast.
  • Pinning: We insert a stainless steel rod into the middle of the bone, thereby stabilizing the fracture.
  • Plating: On either side of the fracture, we attach a stainless steel plate to the bone with screws.
  • External fixation: On either side of the fracture, we insert pins into the bone and through the skin, thereby immobilizing the bones and promoting healing.

Our experienced veterinarian will carefully examine your pet to determine the extent of his or her injury, and recommend the best treatment.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about orthopedic injuries or if your pet has been injured.

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