Surgical Services

In our operating room, our experienced veterinarians perform a wide variety of surgical procedures. Surgeries can be elective (spay or neuter), diagnostic (growth removal), critical (fractures), to relieve medical conditions (intestinal blockage, bladder stones), and many more.

Surgery is performed every weekday. Occasionally, emergencies also require surgical procedures on weekends or after hours.

Safety, sterility, and the comfort of our patients are our primary concerns. Each surgery is performed under sterile conditions in a surgery suite specifically used for this purpose. All instruments are sterilized for each individual surgery and, just like in human surgery, the veterinary surgeon will be capped, masked, and gowned.

clarkson-Prevention-videoOnly the best quality materials (suture material, anesthetics) and the highest standards of care (intravenous fluids, continuous monitoring, pain control) are accepted to ensure the safety of your pet.

Our veterinarians are trained to confidently perform a wide variety of surgical procedures. There are times, however, when a surgical procedure either requires the expertise of a specialist or your pet would benefit from care in a specialized intensive care unit. For these critical cases, a surgical specialist will come to the hospital to perform the procedure or arrangements may be made for you to transfer your pet to the Ontario Veterinary College or another surgical referral center.

You are encouraged to call and check on your pet at any time while he or she is hospitalized for a surgical procedure.

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