ultrasonography for petsUltrasound Diagnostics for Pets in Mississauga

Ultrasound is an advanced form of diagnostic imaging, which is painless and very safe. Through transmission of sound waves, we can see your pet’s internal organs, such as in the abdomen, chest, or heart.

Ultrasound waves can also be combined with blood pressure readings to allow us to analyze the heart valve function, heart blood flow, or blood flow in other internal organs. It also has the potential to assist in taking biopsies (tissue samples) from areas such as the liver, spleen, and kidney. Similar to human medicine, we can also use ultrasound to identify bladder stones or tumors or determine and monitor pregnancy.

A ‘transducer’ (a small hand held tool) is applied to the surface of the body to which an ultrasound image is desired. Gel is used to help the transducer slide over the skin surface and create a more accurate visual image.

Sound waves are emitted from the transducer and directed into the body where they are bounced off the various organs to different degrees, depending on the density of the tissues and amount of fluid present. The sounds are then fed back through the transducer and are reflected on a viewing monitor.

For your convenience, ultrasound is performed in our hospital, often in conjunction with the services of board certified internal medicine specialists for expert interpretation. This advanced technology allows us to provide leading edge quality internal medicine for your pets.

If you think something may be wrong with your pet, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with us.

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