Pain Management & Control

pain management and control for petsHelping Pets in Mississauga Cope with Pain

We know the issue of pain management is of great concern to pet owners today. Pets feel pain exactly as we do, but they often show nothing outwardly. This makes sense in evolutionary terms, as showing pain would be seen as a weakness, which would lead to predator attack.

For this reason, we pay particularly close attention to your pet, recognizing the subtle signs that they show and anticipating when they will feel pain. A limping dog may not look like he is hurting, but the fact that full weight is not placed on the leg means that the leg hurts too much to place full weight.

As in human medicine, we have a tremendous variety of options available to manage your pet’s pain, both before (pre‐emptive analgesia), during, and after surgery, as well in the event of trauma or certain medical conditions. These options include prescription medications, nutritional supplements, laser therapy, and more.

Besides being an extremely unpleasant sensation, pain is harmful to the immune system, delays healing, stresses the heart, and has many other negative effects.

Pain is not to be endured when we have the means to minimize or eliminate it entirely. We are dedicated to this philosophy since this is a major part of the humane treatment of our pets.

We would be pleased to discuss the options available to you and your pet under any of the above circumstances. Contact us today.

Laser Therapy

We are equipped with cold laser therapy to speed wound healing, and help decrease pain due to inflammation (arthritis).

The laser forms certain wavelengths of light, which penetrate in pulsating bursts to go to skin level, or into deeper tissue, as the need arises.

We have used the laser on many pets, dogs and cats, with good success. It is the same laser that is used in many physiotherapy offices for people.

The relief of pain greatly reduces the amount of medication required, and clients are happy with the results.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is one of the most difficult serious conditions to determine.

Dogs and cats don’t talk, and they are programmed by evolutionary processes to show no pain. They will live with chronic pain, seemingly fine, but once the pain is identified and dealt with, they will show enormous relief.

Obvious examples of chronic pain include arthritis and dental pain. We can help, often in dramatic fashion that you simply would not believe.

Click here to learn more about pet chronic pain.

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