Behavioural Counselling for Dogs and Cats

behvioural counselling for petsHelping Pets in Mississauga with Behavioural Issues

We all recognize that in addition to preventive healthcare, necessary medical care, great nutrition, regular exercise, and grooming, acceptable behaviour is necessary for a happy long-term relationship with your cat or dog.

From the first visits with a new puppy or kitten, through adulthood and to older pets, issues relating to behaviour frequently occur. We can help.

If you notice any change in your pet’s routine or they are having behavioural issues, please give us a call right away.

We Offer Individualized Behavioural Counselling for Dogs

  • Puppy housetraining, socialization, etc.
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Fear (phobia) of thunder/fireworks/noise
  • Inappropriate elimination (bathroom habits)
  • Barking
  • Chewing
  • Excessive activity at night
  • Separation anxiety
  • Compulsive behaviours
  • Many others!

Although pets are most certainly part of our family, they do not relate and communicate the same as we do. We must to relate to them as dogs and cats, not as we would with people. 

We Offer Individualized Behavioural Counselling for Cats

  • Litter problems – going to bathroom outside of litter box
  • Aggression with people and cats
  • Destructive behaviour
  • Many others!

What about Puppies and Kittens?

Starting at your first visit with a new puppy or kitten, our veterinarians will discuss any concerns you may have in introducing this new member of the family.

Our puppy information packages contain a “Puppy Manual”, which covers everything you will need to know including training tools, socialization, house training, how to prevent biting and chewing, and early obedience lessons.

Click here for further information about puppy wellness.

Our kitten information package contains a “Kitten Manual”, which will help you with many tips on home care and healthcare for your kitten.

Click here for further information about kitten wellness.

Many excellent and inexpensive chew toys for dogs and catnip cat toys for cats are available in our reception area, to keep active minds and mouths busy.

Our blog also contains many specific articles regarding pet behavioural issues.

What about Obedience Classes?

In addition to this information, we can provide a list of local basic obedience trainers whose services range from organized classes to private lessons in your home.

Our veterinary technicians also teach dogs to walk easily while on the leash using the Gentle Leader harness. We provide this service during a day in the hospital.

But What If My Pet has Specific Behavioural Problems?

There are times that our pets will develop behaviours that cause anxiety, damage to property, or discomfort for our pets or ourselves. Sometimes, an underlying medical condition can be found to explain the cause of these behaviours. However, if the behaviour itself is the primary problem, our veterinarians are trained to provide specific counseling.

A behaviour consultation includes a detailed discussion with you of what you have noticed regarding your pet’s health and behaviour. We can then offer assistance and guidance.

Our veterinarians will provide you with a treatment plan, which may include behavioural modification, different training strategies, and sometimes appropriate medications to control the unwanted behaviour. In many cases, if medication is required, it only lasts for a few weeks.

Once the behaviour has been changed, the relationship between you and your pet will be much stronger.

If you are concerned about an aspect of your pet’s behaviour, please contact us and request an appointment for a behavioural consultation.

For complicated, particularly frustrating, or potentially dangerous behavioural problems, we can refer to you veterinary behaviour specialists.

How Do I Know If It’s Really a Problem?

For any behaviour concern, no question is too “silly” to ask. If it is a concern for you or your family, then please make an appointment and discuss this with us so we can help!

Behaviour concerns generally worsen with time, unless you take corrective measures. You do not want problems to get out of hand, and become more difficult to deal with. Please call us right away.

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