Preventive Care for Your Pet

Our goal is to have happy healthy pets living as an important part of your family.

We firmly believe in acting ahead of time to prevent problems. With the decades of professional experience that you have access to at the Clarkson Village Animal Hospital, you can benefit from the experiences of thousands of other people to help your pet live a long, happy, and healthy life.

Coming to us for regular preventive care should be supplemented by wellness at home – making healthy lifestyle choices for your furry family member.

What Do We Think About When We Consider "Prevention"?

clarkson-Prevention-videoAs humans, we have a multitude of regular screening tests (blood tests, scopes, smears, mammograms etc. ) for early detection of problems that are far more easily treated before complications arise. We also have vaccinations to prevent illness; for example, our tetanus shot prevents this infection if we cut ourselves and are exposed to the tetanus bacteria.

What about our cars? We know that regular oil changes and basic maintenance help to prevent future problems with the engine.

This important preventive philosophy also applies to our pets.

Of course, medical care for our pets provides for rare emergency care. But more importantly, your pet needs regular preventive care.

Fifty years ago, "the dog" was part of the family, but veterinary care was almost non‐existent. People had to wait until a disease occurred, and then their dog would live or die with minimal medical intervention. Compared to today, this care was quite primitive.

Our pets should be protected from disease and screened for illness so they can live long, full lives. Preventive medicine for pets includes appropriate vaccinations, yearly check‐ups and screenings, parasite prevention, and dental care. It also includes the surgical procedures of spaying or neutering, which helps prevent infections, behavioural problems, and medical issues.

There are many more examples of preventive medicine. We believe that this is intelligent medicine, and the most helpful for your pet and for your family.

How Will the Clarkson Village Animal Hospital Help Me and My Pet?

Our dedicated staff is compassionate and helpful in offering information regarding your pet's care.

We feel that through education, you can make the best decisions regarding your pet's health. Veterinary medicine is constantly advancing, and new information is available all of the time. As well as helping to educate you ourselves, we can direct you to excellent websites for further research.

At our hospital, we are equipped with surgery, laboratory, electrocardiogram, digital radiology, pharmacy and access to ultrasound,  Internet access to medical specialists, as well as mobile surgical specialists.

With any of these procedures, we work with you and your family to make the best decisions for the health of your pet, as an important member of your family. Contact us today!

Our Preventive Care Services

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