Pet Dermatology & Skin Problems

pet dermatologyDiagnosis & Treatment for Pet Skin Problems in Mississauga

Dermatology is the study and condition of the skin. Skin diseases can occur suddenly, or be ongoing problems.

In order to assist in the diagnosis and management of dermatologic disease, we often recommend and perform services such as:

  • Skin scrapings with microscopic examination for external parasites such as mites, yeast,
    or fleas
  • Bacterial or fungal cultures
  • Cytology (microscopic analysis of cell tissues)
  • Fine needle aspiration with laboratory interpretation
  • Biopsy procedures with laboratory interpretation
  • Blood testing for hormonal imbalances, immune disease, or other metabolic changes which can adversely affect the skin
  • Food elimination trials for potential sensitivities and allergies
  • Fecal examination for evidence of internal and external parasites
  • Diagnostic therapy

Our extensive veterinary pharmacy can provide medications, therapeutic shampoos, and holistic dietary supplements if therapy is required for your pet. In special cases, referral for allergy testing or consultation with a board certified dermatologist is also available.

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