Medical Services

Clarkson Village Animal Hospital offers a comprehensive suite of medical services, with special expertise in many different areas through our extensive (and continuing!) training and education.

Our knowledgeable staff and our modern facilities allow us to deal with a wide variety of medical conditions that your pet may experience over their lifetime.



Medical services we offer include (but are not limited to):

Why are Medical Problems So Complicated to Diagnose?

clarkson-Prevention-videoSince pets cannot explain what they feel, you must interpret what they show you. Often this is accurate, but the signs that pets show can also be misinterpreted.

If your pet has an internal condition that is not evident outwardly, then you will have absolutely no knowledge that something is brewing inside. Unfortunately, you cannot always rely on what you see or think. Treating pets is much like treating babies. It is an art as well as science, as the veterinarian must have an intuitive understanding of animal behaviour, interpreting the significance of any changes noted.

If you think your pet may need medical attention, please make an appointment with us.

If you think your pet needs emergency medical attention, please visit us immediately.

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