Pet Insurance in Ontario

Living in the province of Ontario, we are fortunate to benefit from one of the most advanced healthcare programs, which provides funding for our personal comprehensive healthcare. For every dollar we pay in provincial and federal taxes, $0.35 goes to subsidizing our healthcare costs. Larger businesses even pay a significant percentage of their payroll for healthcare!

Unfortunately, no such benefit exists for our animals. As caregivers, we are responsible for the financial support to provide for their healthcare.

This is an important part of responsible pet ownership – but it can also be overwhelming in emergencies or cases of continued illness. The good news is that health insurance is available for our pets, and helps provide peace of mind to ensure the best medical care for these family members.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Presently in Ontario, there are several companies offering health insurance for dogs and cats.

As with human health coverage, different programs offer different protection plans and levels of coverage. For each plan, there is a range of deductibles and premiums. Plans can offer “emergency” coverage for unexpected needs, comprehensive coverage for complete healthcare assistance, or even specialized plans for “indoor only” cats, shelter animals, or senior pets.

There are even plans available in conjunction with a microchip identification system. This will allow you to protect your pet and provide automatic emergency medical care if your pet is lost and injured and you cannot be immediately contacted.

Are there Any Restrictions?

As with human insurance, sometimes there are restrictions on which conditions, injuries or procedures are covered. It is therefore best to insure pets while they are young and healthy – before any medical attention is required.

Should I Get Insurance for My Pet?

Pet insurance is an invaluable safeguard, which will ensure that your pet will always be able to receive the best in healthcare. Currently, we believe that Trupanion offers the best coverage.

When protected by an insurance plan, affording medical procedures will no longer be an issue. As medical and surgical advances occur, the level of sophistication for diagnostics and treatments also increases. By having insurance, options such as root canals, chemotherapy, orthopedic surgery, CT scans, and MRI’s can be financially possible for your pet.

Contact us for more details on how you can protect your furry family member with a plan that best meets your pet’s needs.

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