Christmas Safety Tips for Your Feline Friend

November 29th, 2017 by The Clarkson Team

Christmas is RIGHT around the corner! With all the bright lights and shiny objects, there are more than just a few distractions that can catch your kitty’s eye.

Imagine your cat’s excitement when he or she sees a huge tree covered in what looks like cat toys.

Unfortunately, Christmas trees can be dangerous to cats. Whether your cat is young or old, there is a good chance that they will try to climb up the Christmas tree. This can cause the Christmas tree to tip over, posing a potentially life-threatening fire hazard if the tree lights are on. Many Christmas tree stands are flimsy and too small for the height and weight of the tree.

Be sure to invest in a HEAVY, STURDY and STABLE tree stand and SECURELY ANCHOR your Christmas tree to the floor or a heavy piece of furniture.

It’s only natural that your cat will want to play with Christmas accessories like ribbons, bows, string and tinsel. However, string-like materials can cause a dangerous linear foreign body obstruction that may require surgery. Opt for safer items such as paper bows, cloth ribbons and use garland made from beads to decorate your tree and home.

It is also normal for cats to bat at the tempting ornaments dangling from the tree branches. Unfortunately, fragile glass ornaments can shatter and cause injury to your cat’s paws if stepped on. Other decorations may have sharp or pointed edges, both of which can cause serious injury externally and internally if swallowed. Unbreakable ornaments are strongly recommended to avoid potential injuries. All decorations should be securely attached to the branches to prevent them from falling.

Holiday plants and flowers can make your home look more festive, but they can also attract a curious feline. Unfortunately, nibbling plants and flowers could send your cat to the emergency vet. Poinsettias are known for their toxicity to cats, but they tend to have only mildly toxic effects. Holly and mistletoe are more dangerous if ingested. Flowers such as lilies and amaryllis are especially dangerous. It’s best to entirely keep poisonous plants and flowers out of your home or choose non-toxic plants or use silk flowers instead.

If you believe your pet has ingested something they shouldn’t don’t hesitate to call our hospital at 905- 855-2100, we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on Christmas and Boxing Day!

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Written by Natasha, CCR

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Our caring, dedicated veterinary team has helped dogs, cats, and their families for over 27 years at the Clarkson Village Animal Hospital in Mississauga. We know how important your furry family members are – we’re pet lovers too!

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