Why Your Pet Needs Parasite Prevention in the Spring

March 27th, 2015 by Daniel Mudrick

The weather is finally warming up! A taste of warm temperatures and sunshine means more time spent outside, for us and our furry friends. Time to get outside and play!

While this is certainly a good thing for everyone – more time outside for pets leads to better enrichment, fulfillment, and exercise – it does come with its risks. The cold winter weather slows down the majority of parasites that put our pets in danger, like ticks, tapeworms, and fleas. But with spring weather, these parasites return in full force.

When our pets are enjoying the great outdoors in the spring, they are at a great risk for contracting parasites.

Wood TickWhich Pet Parasites Should I Be Concerned About?


The primary concern with ticks is the array of diseases they can carry and transmit to your pet … and humans! We have had dozens of cases for dogs and several cases of human Lyme disease diagnosed in the past three years.

Lyme Disease is one of the serious diseases that dogs can get from ticks, and it has been quite prevalent in Mississauga and the GTA in the previous few years. Ticks are now in our yards, the parks, everywhere.

Ticks aren’t easy to detect, but sometimes you can feel them as small lumps on your pet’s body. If you ever suspect your pet has ticks, you should make an appointment right away to get them checked.


Fleas are extremely contagious. They feed on your pet’s blood, and will quickly pass from pet to pet in your household. They can cause your pet to experience allergic reactions, skin irritation, and intense itching. They can also transmit tapeworms.

Fleas can be detected by the naked eye, or better yet by using a flea comb. Luckily, fleas are also pretty simple to prevent and control with certain effective treatments.


A heartworm infestation is an extremely serious condition, and can be transmitted via a single mosquito bite. The heartworms damage your dog or cat’s internal organs (heart, lungs, etc.) and can ultimately be fatal.

Unfortunately, heartworms are not easy to treat once they’ve infested your pet. Instead, the key is to focus on prevention. Preventive heartworm treatments are easy and safe.

How Can I Prevent My Dog or Cat from Getting a Parasite?

We recommend parasite prevention for fleas and ticks from March through December and heartworm disease prevention from May through November, which will keep your pet safe during the warm months when parasites are at their worst. New options make this easier than ever!

Preventive treatments can vary depending on your specific pet, their exposure to the outdoors, (for example, indoor cats may not need the same treatments as dogs who like to roam on forest trails at the cottage), their location, and more.

It’s so important to protect your pet from parasites before they become infected. Prevention is the only way to stop the life-threatening complications from parasites in their tracks, because you are cutting them off at the source.

Once your pet has contracted a parasite or associated condition, a veterinarian’s ability to intervene can be limited. In our opinion, waiting to react until your pet has already developed a parasite is an unnecessary risk to their health and wellbeing – and a potentially deadly one.

Prevention gives you peace of mind knowing your beloved pet can safely enjoy the outdoors.

>> We have a variety of vaccinations, topical treatments, and pills which will help prevent your pets from getting parasites throughout the warm seasons. Book your appointment today to safeguard your pet’s health this spring.

We are a 24/7 emergency veterinary hospital in Mississauga – call us at 905-855-2100 right away if your pet needs immediate care! A veterinarian is always present, never just “on call”!

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