White Sox and Sabrina

November 22nd, 2011 by admin

Feline Weight Loss Success – It Can Be Done!!!

If your dog has packed on a few pounds, you have a lot of options. It’s easy to add in some extra walks, visit the dog park, or go for a run. But when your cat has developed a spare tire, how do you convince them that they need to hit the gym? Many cat owners struggle to help their pets lose weight. Cats are not motivated dieters and owners can become frustrated when that scale will not budge.

Overweight kitties face many health risks. Diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and more. They often can’t groom themselves well and get matted hair and flaky skin. They stop playing and may be grumpy and show other personality changes. Sometimes they stop using the litter box.

With cats, it is important that they lose weight slowly. Cats who drop weight too quickly may develop a life-threatening condition called “fatty liver”. For this reason, we plan for slow steady weight loss which happens over months. The following kitties are inspiration to show us all that it can be done! The key is perseverance and consistency.

Sabrina and White Sox were born to Dust Bunny in 2002. When they were a couple of years old, there were some major upsets to their lifestyle. A death in the family and a major schedule change upset their normal routine. Both girls were stressed. They began to take it out on each other and White Sox began soiling outside the litter box. Their weight had also begun to creep up.

Sabrina topped out at 15.8 pounds in November 2005. White Sox wasn’t far behind at 13.7 pounds. Their food was switched to Medi-Cal reducing formula – a special diet designed to promote weight loss. Also, they started to eat canned food. Most cats do not get enough water in their diets. Canned food can be of tremendous benefit for weight loss and the prevention and treatment of urinary and kidney problems. Their free-feeding option was taken away and they began to receive their measured portions at designated times.

An important component to a weight loss program is regular monitoring. Sabrina and White Sox were weighed every month to check their progress. As the weight started to come off, Mom noticed some other positive results, as well. Their coats became shiny and fluffier. They began to brighten up and play instead of fighting with each other. And most importantly, they were losing weight and getting healthy!

Once they reached their target weights, they were switched to Medi-Cal weight control diet, which is going to help maintain their new svelte figures. And how successful were they? White Sox lost 3.6 pounds – a total of 26% of her original weight. Sabrina lost 5.0 pounds – a whopping 32% of her original weight! Body condition scales are used to rate a pet’s weight. On a scale of 1 to 4, both girls now check in at a “2” – which means ideal condition. Congratulations!


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