What Should I Do If I Think My Pet Needs Emergency Care?

September 4th, 2015 by Daniel Mudrick

You never want to think about what will happen if your furry friend is seriously injured or ill; but if it does happen, you need to know what to do so you can get them the care they need, as soon as possible.

As soon as you’re aware of the problem – whether you see the injury happen or you notice a troubling symptom of illness – you need to call your emergency veterinarian right away. A good emergency vet, like our own veterinary hospital, should be open 24/7 and ready to help you any day, any time. 

If you’re having a pet emergency in the Mississauga/GTA area right now, don’t waste any more time. Call us at 905-855-2100.

Even if it turns out your pet does not need emergency veterinary attention, it is always better to call and find out than to just hope the problem goes away. Remember: better safe than sorry.

What to Expect When You Call an Emergency Veterinary Hospital

You will be asked to explain the injury or symptoms your pet is experiencing. The trained staff on the phone should be able to quickly determine whether your pet’s condition needs immediate care or not. They’ll advise you about what you should do next.

If your pet needs emergency care, you will have to bring them to the veterinary hospital as soon as possible. The veterinary hospital has all of the equipment and veterinary staff needed to give your pet the best treatment in their time of need.

We know how stressful and scary it is when your furry best friend is suddenly at risk. That’s why we have trained and skilled professionals to walk you through the ordeal, step by step. It starts with a phone call to our veterinary hospital.

What to Expect When You Arrive at Our Emergency Veterinary Hospital

Every emergency veterinary hospital may be slightly different in how they handle pet health emergencies.

At our hospital, we will quickly assess your pet to see if their situation is truly urgent. If they need immediate care, we take them into the treatment room. Our on-site vet will attend the patient right away. Our vets are not ‘on call’, they are always at work. No matter the time of day or night, your pet will not have to wait for a vet to arrive at our hospital.

If you aren’t one of our regular weekday clients, you should absolutely still bring your pet in. We will get all of the necessary information from you about your pet’s medical history when you arrive.

If you are already a client, we’ll simply confirm the information we have on file.

We need your pet’s medical history to ensure we are giving appropriate treatment for their emergency, and do not aggravate any existing conditions. 

During the daytime, our friendly client services staff members will keep you company in the lobby while our veterinarian and Registered Veterinary Technicians do everything they can for your beloved pet. If your pet’s emergency happens during the evening or overnight, the Registered Vet Tech will periodically visit the lobby in case you have any questions.

If your pet needs to stay overnight, you can rest assured they will never be left alone. Our hospital is always staffed. We will monitor your pet’s vital signs and administer fluids, medications, and pain management drugs if need be. 

Our key concern is helping your pet recover.

>> Call us now for emergency care at 905-855-2100. We are here 24/7, every day of the year with a vet always on-site (never just “on call”).

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