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December 22nd, 2011 by Daniel Mudrick

Julia Le June 27, 2011 –

Dog back home. After bolting from the home of Kim Velocci (right) on May 24, Sheldon was found last week by Mississauga Animal Services and returned home to a relieved owner, Janet Irvine.

Staff photo by Rob Beintema

For nearly a month, Janet Irvine and Kim Velocci feared the worst for Irvine’s dog, Sheldon.

The year-and-a-half-old Sheltie-Papillon mix, who was staying with Velocci at her Mississauga Rd./Eglinton Ave. area home while Irvine, her cousin, was on vacation, bolted through the front door on May 24 as Velocci returned home from dropping off her daughter. They were unable to corral Sheldon.

The longer the dog remained missing, Velocci said, everyone worried about him being on his own, battling rainstorms and trying to find food and shelter.

However, those fears were put to rest last Wednesday when Sheldon, healthy and happy, was returned to Irvine. He was found by Mississauga Animal Services at a home near Eglinton Ave. and Winston Churchill Blvd. after the homeowners had called, thinking a wild animal was under the deck.

The animal services worker recognized Sheldon immediately from the “missing” posters that had been distributed. Velocci, who searched for Sheldon for weeks, felt like she had let her cousin and Sheldon down. She said she should’ve been more careful, especially considering Sheldon’s recent rescue from a hoarding situation near Quinte, along with 61 other dogs. He had spent most of his young life confined to a crate, with other dogs, before his rescue.

“I still feel terrible because of how many stories out there don’t end like this and I feel terrible for putting everyone through that,” said Velocci, adding she’s indebted to friends, family, rescue groups and volunteers who helped search for Sheldon.

“It felt like we had an army of supporters, and this was a comfort that we needed.”

As it turned out, Sheldon had remained in the area for a few days, and at one point was spotted along the railway tracks heading into Streetsville. He was seen later at Erin Centre Blvd. and Roanoke Crt. and, later still, in the Thomas St./McFarren Blvd. area.

Irvine says she’s still in shock that he’s home, adding her family can breathe, laugh and joke around again.

As for Sheldon, he’s back to his old tricks, she says, playing with the cat just like before he went missing. Now, though, the family keeps him on his leash in the backyard. And while he’s a bit shell-shocked, he’s the same sweet dog that they love, Irvine said. “… he’s not as exuberant, but that’s going to come with time,” she added, noting Sheldon has proven to be a “resilient” dog.

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