November 22nd, 2011 by Daniel Mudrick

Rosie Gets a Fresh Start!

Rosie’s story began in July 2008 when Mississauga Animal Control picked her up as a stray. The officers noticed that she was limping badly and feared that a car may have hit her. Rosie was transported to Clarkson Village Animal Hospital to be examined, before being taken to the animal shelter. While here, Dr. Johnson noted that she was very thin, still had deciduous (baby) teeth in addition to her adult teeth, and that her right hip appeared to be dislocated. Rosie was a charmer and snuggled with anyone who would hold her despite being surrounded by strangers.

In the meantime, Mississauga Animal Control located Rosie’s owners. When they became aware of the full extent of her medical problems – including the likelihood that her hip would require surgery – they chose to surrender her to Mississauga Animal Control. They have an obligation to hold a pet for seven days in order for them to be considered legally “surrendered”, so Rosie was taken to the animal shelter. Lucky for Rosie, Dr. Mudrick happened to be looking for a new companion. At the end of her holding period, he applied to adopt her and Rosie had found her new home.

This was just the beginning for Rosie. She still had a list of medical problems. We began by cleaning her teeth and extracting the deciduous ones. As is the case in many small breed dogs, Rosie’s baby teeth had not fallen out on their own. If they are allowed to remain in the mouth, they create extra spaces for bacteria and debris to collect. They can also interfere with the proper growth of the adult teeth. We also discovered that one of Rosie’s adult teeth had been broken off entirely, leaving the root exposed. This is extremely painful and potentially dangerous, since it offers a direct route for bacteria to enter the bloodstream. While Rosie was under general anaesthetic, we took the opportunity to radiograph her hips, as this would have been painful for her if she was awake. The radiographs showed that not only was Rosie’s hip badly damaged, but this was not a new injury and she had likely been in pain for some time. The head of the femur, which is normally round and swivels smoothly in its socket was very coarse and irregular. Rosie was so uncomfortable that she had been choosing not to use that leg.

Rosie’s hip was repaired using a surgery called a “Femoral Head Excision”. This is an option in small dogs when the head of the femur causes a great deal of pain as the roughened surface rotates in its socket. The head of the femur is removed entirely, leaving the dog’s body to form a “false joint”. This does not have as much strength as a healthy normal joint, but it allows the dog to move its leg without pain. Rosie started to recover from her major surgery right away. She went home that night and quickly began eating!

Little Rosie still has one more surgery to go! Around the time of her hip repair – Rosie went into heat. Intact (unspayed) female dogs run the risk of many serious health problems including malignant mammary tumours and a life-threatening uterine infection called “pyometra”. When Rosie has recovered more fully from her first surgery, she will then undergo an ovariohysterectomy (spay) to help her lead a long healthy life without the risk of reproductive diseases.

In the meanwhile, Rosie is living the life of luxury. She has her very own couch in the staff lunchroom and never suffers from a shortage of love and attention. Now that Rosie’s mouth is healthy, she is eating well and putting on some weight

If you look…you may see her happily running after Dr. Mudrick to hop in the car and head home.

About Daniel Mudrick

I'm the owner and founder of Clarkson Village Animal Hospital, a state-of-the-art veterinary hospital that's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Clarkson Village Animal Hospital has always been a dream of mine, and by caring for one patient at a time, the hospital has continued to grow. During those rare times when I'm not at the hospital, I'm at yoga, hiking, gardening, and spending time with my family. I also enjoy reading to stay current on the most recent advances in veterinary medicine.

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