Pet Hospital Tails: Dog with a History of Cancer Has a New Lump

April 13th, 2016 by Daniel Mudrick

We recently diagnosed a lump on one of our regular patients, a lovely dog named Kimmy.

Thank you to Kimmy’s mom Heather for sharing her story with us!

Here’s her story:

Kimmy’s Past Medical History

When Kimmy’s parents noticed the lump, they were scared and worried because Kimmy had battled with cancer only a year before.

Thankfully the cancer had been successful treated, but it made finding a new lump on Kimmy extra-stressful for her family.

Diagnosing Kimmy’s Lump

We got Kimmy in to see Dr. Mudrick right away, as her parents were very worried about the lump.

At Clarkson Village Animal Hospital, we always take lumps and bumps seriously because they can be symptoms of severe health problems. They can also be benign, so it’s important to find out which is the case with a specific lump.

To diagnose Kimmy’s lump, we used fine needle aspiration (FNA) to get a sample from the lump. FNA, also called fine needle biopsy (although the procedure is not a true biopsy), involves using a needle and syringe to take a small sample that can be analyzed. The procedure takes under five minutes and doesn’t require any sedation, anaesthesia, or a hospital stay.

Once we took Kimmy’s sample, we sent it off to the pathologist in our laboratory for a microscopic analysis. That’s how we most often find out exactly what a lump is, and especially in Kimmy’s case, whether it is cancerous.

Did Kimmy’s Cancer Return?

After a short wait, we got Kimmy’s results back from the lab. Her parents were thrilled to learn that her diagnosis was not cancer, but lipoma – a benign growth!

Lipoma growths are a benign buildup of fatty tissue under the skin. They usually don’t bother a pet unless they develop somewhere that restricts movement. 

Because Kimmy’s lump was benign and not in a place that made her uncomfortable, she didn’t even require surgery for removal.

Kimmy’s OutcomeEmergency Vet Mississauga

We are monitoring Kimmy’s lump when she comes in for her regular check-ups. As it stands, Kimmy is a happy and healthy pup with nothing to worry about!

As Kimmy’s mom Heather said, “Scary times are made so much easier when you are confident in your veterinary team. Big thanks, again, to the team at Clarkson Village Animal Hospital for always being so wonderful with the hounds.”

We are always so pleased when we can put a pet parent’s mind at ease through our diagnosis or treatment of their pets. Happily in Kimmy’s case, her parents could rest easy knowing her cancer hadn’t returned. 

Is your pet displaying serious symptoms of illness or injury? Call us at 905-855-2100 immediately and bring them in for emergency care. We are always open 24/7 with a vet on site (never “on call”).

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