Pet Hospital Tails: 4 Year Old Cat with Urinary Blockage

January 29th, 2016 by Daniel Mudrick

A few months ago we provided emergency medical treatment for Maverick, a 4 year old cat with a urinary blockage. 

Unfortunately, we see this problem far too often at the Clarkson Village Animal Hospital; it is almost completely preventable with simple changes to how you feed your cat – but most cat owners don’t know that! Nearly 100% of cats with urine issues, including blockages, are cats who aren’t following Clarkson Village Animal Hospital recommendations for preventive care (make “cat soup”!). 

We want to end this problem for cats, so they can be freed from the risk of horrible pain, and near death circumstances. Pet owners will also spend a lot less on the advised nutritional recommendations, than they would on treatments for a preventable condition.

Thank you to Maverick’s mommy Donna for sharing her story with us!

Here’s Maverick’s story:

Maverick Visits a Different 24/7 Emergency Veterinary Hospital

Maverick’s parents noticed something was wrong and right away took Maverick to the only 24 hour emergency vet clinic they knew about.

Unfortunately, according to Maverick’s mommy, she “was handed multiple forms to agree to atrocious costs before even knowing what was going on with [her] cat. The forms were laced with phrases that would strike the emotions of any pet lover/owner and force them to accept costs for care without explanation.”

They were incorrectly told Maverick’s only options were expensive surgery or euthanasia.

Maverick Visits Clarkson Village Animal Hospital

Maverick’s parents didn’t like what they heard at the first vet hospital they visited, and brought Maverick to the Clarkson Village Animal Hospital (with his urinary catheter and intravenous lines still in!).

We immediately recognized the problem as a blockage in the urethra, leading to an excruciatingly enlarged urinary bladder and impending kidney failure. Over the course of a few days of intensive treatment, we:

  • Adjusted his intravenous fluids
  • Adjusted his potassium levels
  • Monitored his urinary output, flow, and bladder size
  • Treated him for pain, inflammation, stress, and infection
  • Treated him with anti-spasmotics to help urine flow
  • Encouraged him to eat special food that helps to treat and prevent this condition

At our hospital, we brought Maverick back to health with 24/7 supervision and care. After a few days hospitalized, he could urinate freely, and could go home with daily bladder checks for a few days to ensure that there was no recurrence of the blockage.

After leaving Maverick with us, his mommy said that “instead of driving home with tears in our eyes, we drove home with smiles on our faces knowing he was in the right place with the right kind of people. We finally felt like we were being cared for by people who wanted to care for animals and not just a money grab.”

We are so thrilled to have been able to help Maverick and put his family at ease as he went through this difficult experience!

Maverick’s Outcome

There was no need for Maverick to be euthanized. After just one week at our clinic, Maverick recovered well and went back home to return to his regular life. He’s back to his playful, active self.

Thanks to Maverick’s parents’ decisive action, Maverick’s story has a happy ending; he is re-united with his family for at least another 8 cat lives! We now see Maverick regularly, when his mommy brings him in for his check-ups.

Is your pet displaying serious symptoms of illness or injury? Call us at 905-855-2100 immediately and bring them in for emergency care. We are always open 24/7 with a vet on site (never “on call”).

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