Pet Hospital Tails: 15lb Dog Survives Coyote Attack in the GTA – The Full Story! (Warning: Graphic Photos)

April 25th, 2017 by Daniel Mudrick

We recently treated Lola, a 15lb dog from Mississauga who was attacked by three coyotes in her own backyard.

Click here for important coyote safety tips!

Here’s Lola’s story:

Lola’s Condition

In early February, Lola’s family let her and their other dog, a Pomeranian, out for a bathroom break before bed. Hearing a noise outside, they rushed to the door to see Lola grabbed by a coyote in the backyard. When their Pomeranian started to chase the coyote, it dropped Lola and ran off.

Lola’s family grabbed her right away and rushed her to our emergency veterinary hospital.

As we mentioned in our first blog on this story (check it out – Dr. Mudrick is featured on CityNews talking about this incident!), Lola suffered a severely injured leg, extensive lacerations, and many puncture wounds. Although she was awake, she was going into shock.

15lb Dog Survives Coyote Attack in the GTA

*Note: The picture above on the right is after we closed up Lola’s neck wound.

Lola’s Diagnosis

We conducted blood work on Lola, and while we waited for the results we began to shave her to prepare her for surgery.

Initially seeing six bite wounds, we uncovered more and more as we continued to shave her. In the end, we discovered a total of thirteen puncture wounds, a wound in her mouth from where she had bit her own mouth while being attacked, and lots of scratches.

We also found that Lola’s right hind leg was very weak and could have torn muscles and nerves.

Thankfully, after an x-ray we learned that Lola did not have any internal damage or broken bones. And, the puncture wounds had not punctured her thoracic or abdominal cavities, which would have resulted in a much more severe condition.

Dog Attacked By Coyote

Lola’s Treatment

When Lola first came in, we immediately gave her pain medication and put her on IV fluids to keep her stable, while monitoring her heart rate, respiration rate, and mucous membranes. 

Then, it was time for surgery. Prior to, we gave Lola anesthesia. She also had antibiotics before and after. Surgery lasted about two hours, during which we flushed and closed up all thirteen wounds and placed five wound drains. The worst bite wounds were in Lola’s neck and right abdomen.

After surgery, we bandaged her from neck to lower abdomen to heal

Dog Attacked By Coyote 2Dog Attacked By Coyote 3

Lola’s Recovery

Lola is a strong and brave little warrior!

She woke up from her surgery a bit disoriented, but one of our Registered Veterinary Technicians stayed with her and gave her comfort until she was relaxed.

When we sent a picture of Lola post-recovery lying comfortably in her kennel to her parents, they were very relieved! Lola spent many days in our intensive care, her recovery going well.

She’s now back at home with her family, doing wonderfully, and is back to her usual happy self.

Dog Attacked By Coyote 4

Lola is a sweet and brave dog, and we are so pleased that this story turned out this way. Thanks to Lola’s parents, who quickly brought her to us for treatment, Lola was able to make a full recovery from the vicious coyote attack.

We urge all pet owners to be careful of coyotes, as we’ve seen an increase in coyote attacks in the western GTA recently. Stay safe!

Has your pet been injured or attacked? Call us at 905-855-2100 immediately and bring them in for emergency care. We are always open 24/7 with a vet on site (never “on call”).

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