Pet Hospital Tails: 15lb Dog Survives Coyote Attack in the GTA (Featured on CityNews with Dr. Mudrick)

February 28th, 2017 by Daniel Mudrick

We’d like to warn all pet parents that we’ve seen an increase in coyote attacks on pets in the western GTA recently! We can’t stress this enough – please be vigilant and keep a close eye on your furry loved ones. We want you all to be safe out there.

Lola, a beautiful little 15lb dog from Mississauga, was recently attacked by three coyotes in her own backyard and rushed to our animal hospital for emergency care. She had a severely injured leg, extensive lacerations, and puncture wounds. After many days in our intensive care, we are happy to say she is doing fabulously at home. She is still so happy to come for her recheck visits!

Dr. Mudrick and Lola’s mom were just featured on CityNews, discussing this scary story and providing suggestions for dealing with coyote attacks. Watch now:

Coyote attacks can happen in a matter of seconds, and it’s imperative to seek medical attention immediately should this unfortunate incident happen to your pet.

Click here for important tips on protecting your pets and your family from coyotes.

Here is Lola, the strong and brave little warrior who survived this vicious coyote assault:

Dog Survives Coyote Attack in the GTA

Lola’s parents did the right thing by coming to us. Remember, we are always here for you, day or night, in case of emergency situations such as this one. We’re never closed and your pet will never be left alone.

Lola, we’re sending lots of snuggles your way, and we wish you a speedy recovery! You’re such a trooper!

Stay tuned for part 2 of Lola’s tale, where we’ll tell the full story of her injuries and amazing recovery.

Has your pet been injured or attacked? Call us at 905-855-2100 immediately and bring them in for emergency care. We are always open 24/7 with a vet on site (never “on call”).

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