Get a 10% Discount on Parasite Prevention Medication!

March 31st, 2017 by Daniel Mudrick

Buy a full year supply of parasite prevention medication for your dog and save 10% off the cost of the medications!

With this special offer, we want to encourage all pet owners to get their parasite prevention medication now, as parasite season is getting into full swing when the temperature is over 4 degrees C. Parasite prevention is essential to keep our pets safe from health complications and diseases like Lyme disease – some diseases carried by parasites can even be life threatening!

It’s easy to take advantage of this special promotion, and it will help you keep your pets parasite-free all year round.

If you haven’t yet got your pet’s bloodwork done within the last 12 months, book an appointment for a blood sample and to obtain a current body weight, and we will know the right medication to prescribe.

If you have done your pet’s bloodwork within the past 12 months, you can just come in to obtain a current body weight and pick up the medication during the weekday hours!

For more information, check out our dedicated pages on the most common types of pet parasites:

If you have any questions about this offer, don’t hesitate to contact us at 905-855-2100.

We have a variety of vaccinations, topical treatments, and pills which will help prevent your pets from getting parasites throughout the warm seasons. Book your appointment today to safeguard your pet’s health.

We are a 24/7 emergency veterinary hospital in Mississauga – call us at 905-855-2100 right away if your pet needs immediate care! A veterinarian is always present, never just “on call”!

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