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Fleur’s story begins in November 2008 when Animal Services workers picked her up roaming free on Hurontario Street. It’s not unusual to find a stray cat, but this particular one also happened to be completely blind.

Animal Services delivered her to the Mississauga Oakville Emergency Hospital where she was examined by a Doctor. She was estimated to be three or four months old. She was friendly, lovely and confident, however she had no eyes! The likely cause for her lack of eyeballs was either congenital (born that way) or a very bad infection as a kitten that had damaged her eyes permanently. She had a surgery to close her eyelids to prevent further infection from setting in.

Always up for a challenge, Dr. Mochan-Carberry took on the little cat. At home, Fleur quickly took over the whole house! She navigates the house almost as well as a fully-sighted cat. She knows to use her own litter box in the basement, where her toys are (even when Mom can’t find them!), sits on the windowsill to listen to the birds and even plays with the other cat.

In most ways, Fleur is just like any other cat, except she has a few special needs:

  • She communicates via vocalization and needs to be spoken to constantly.
  • If the house is changed, she will adapt but needs to be given time.
  • Strangers in the house require a little time to get used to, just be patient.
  • Strange or loud noises can be frightening, as can complete silence. A radio is left on so that there is always background noise.

Fleur is a lucky little kitten who overcame great obstacles and has turned out to be a loving and affectionate pet. She is proof that physically challenged pets can make wonderful companions and go on to lead healthy, happy and full lives!


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