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Dusty is a 12-year-old tabby cat that was brought to us in February of this year when she stopped eating her food and started vomiting. It is of course common for cats to be picky about their food, but not this extent. Dusty was also losing weight at an alarming rate and was severely dehydrated due to her vomiting, lack of eating and drinking.

Dusty was admitted to the hospital right away to begin intravenous fluid therapy and to have comprehensive blood and urine screens done in hope of finding the cause of her mysterious loss of appetite. Dusty’s test results were alarming! Her kidney values were off the charts and it was clear that they were no longer functioning correctly. Dusty was in danger of her kidneys shutting down and could die if left un-treated. Dusty’s Mom was ready and willing to take all the action that was necessary to save Dusty! At first Dusty stayed with us in hospital to be monitored while receiving fluids to re-hydrate her and was fed a new reduced protein food to aid her kidney function. She showed great potential in the first day, as she was alert and walking around. She wasn’t vomiting as she had been previously, and she was eating small amounts of her new food. This continued on to the following day and the doctors were extremely optimistic! Dusty had a setback on day 3. Her temperature increased dramatically and she was no longer able to walk around on her own. She also had a decrease in appetite and began to vomiting again. This was discouraging to everyone in the hospital as well as Dusty’s mom since she had shown so much promise just hours before. Dusty received an injection of Cerenia to counteract her nausea and stop the vomiting, an antibiotic injection since she was not able to keep her medications down, a liquid appetite stimulant and Potassium was added to her fluids to provide additional assistance to her kidneys. Once this was all completed, Dusty was stable and her blood work was repeated to see if there had been any changes (good or bad) to her internal organs. These blood tests showed good improvement and Dusty was back on the right path. On day 4, Dusty was back up and moving around, eating without vomiting and her temperature was back to normal. She spent the day with us, and that evening she was ready to go home to her Mom. Dusty required very specific and very complicated instructions for at home. Although her condition was now stable, she still needed great commitment from her Mom to keep her going. Dusty required several medications to be given to her daily, and also needed subcutaneous fluids to be administered twice daily. Dusty’s Mom came in and was taught by our technician how to give Dusty her fluids and was also shown which medication and supplements to give and when. Mrs. Field was a pleasure to teach and was eager to get Dusty home and continue with all of her treatments.

Mrs. Field took Dusty home that evening equipped with many medications, fluids and numerous instructions! Dusty has continued to do well at home. She will receive regular monitoring of her kidneys and adjustments to her medications to keep her stable. Dusty is a lucky kitty and it has been a pleasure to work with both her and her Mom to get and keep her healthy!


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