Does Your Pet Have a Lump or Bump? Don’t Assume It’s Cancer!

July 27th, 2015 by Daniel Mudrick

We recently wrote some blogs about pet cancer and pet lumps and bumps. A recent article on Dr. Andy Roark’s website – veterinarian, international speaker, author, and media personality – talks about the same topic.

It’s an important article to follow up ours, because too often veterinarians and/or pet owners assume a growth is cancerous when it may not be. That can lead to two terrible outcomes:

  1. Your pet doesn’t get surgery to have the lump removed when they need it.
  2. Your pet is euthanized under the assumption that it’s cancer.

I encourage you to read the full article, which has three stories of older dogs who were believed to have cancerous tumours. When the dogs underwent surgery and the masses were biopsied, each dog’s mass was benign. They are now all expected to have a normal life expectancy and better quality of life!

Click here for the article, “When Everyone Knows It’s Cancer”.

The moral of the article is that if your pet has a lump or a bump, even if everyone is sure it’s cancer, it may not be. And remember, a lump that doesn’t appear to bother your pet may still be serious. You can’t know unless the mass is removed and biopsied.

And even if your pet does have cancer, you can still improve their quality of life and have often a lot more time together with proper treatment.

As the article says, “I don’t remember a single pet owner ever regretting choosing surgery over euthanasia, no matter how little extra time we bought. The goals of tumor removal are to obtain a diagnosis, improve the patient’s quality of life (e. g. being able to urinate or defecate or breathe), increase life span, and decrease future risks (e.g. by preventing internal bleeding after a spleen mass bursts).”

>> Clarkson Village Animal Hospital is experienced in diagnosing and treating lumps and bumps in cats and dogs. If you’ve found a lump or a bump, book your appointment right away.

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