Do You Have an Emergency Care Plan for Your Pet?

November 10th, 2014 by Daniel Mudrick

No matter how careful we are, accidents happen. Just think about childhood!

You look away for one moment and your dog has gotten into a bag of baked goods that is toxic to her. Your cat has missed a jump and twisted his paw.

It’s important to have an emergency plan so if your cat or dog suddenly needs medical care, you won’t be caught off your guard. It can be difficult to think clearly in the moment, when you’re stressed and worried about the welfare of your furry family member.

Emergency-planWhere Can You Get 24-Hour Emergency Veterinary Care?

Do you know where you would take your pet if they needed a vet in the middle of the night?

Familiarize yourself with your local emergency veterinary clinics or pet hospitals, such as Clarkson Village Animal Hospital. The best case scenario is a clinic that is open 24/7, every day, with a veterinarian and registered veterinary technician on-site at all times.

Remember to consider how long it would take you to travel to the emergency vet clinic – physical distance is not as important as the amount of time it takes.

When you phone the clinic, ask about the anticipated waiting time. A hospital a little farther away may be better, if a closer hospital has a 3 hour waiting time.

You can even write down the emergency clinic’s number and keep it somewhere handy, like on the fridge or in a drawer, so you won’t have to spend time looking it up if an accident happens. (We have fridge magnets with our 24 hour phone number and address – please feel free to pick one up, and please feel free to hand these out to friends as well!)

What Should You Do If Your Pet Needs Emergency Veterinary Care?

Contact the Clarkson Village emergency veterinary hospital immediately. We should be able to walk you through what you’ll need to do in order to safely transport your dog or cat to the hospital.

Severely injured or sick pets can become defensive and even aggressive in some cases. Be careful approaching your pet to avoid getting injured if they lash out.

You can place a dog or cat on a blanket, and use the blanket as a ‘stretcher’. Two people holding two corners can carry a large dog.

If you can safely get your pet into a carrier to bring him/her to the hospital, do so gently. If your pet is too aggressive to get close to, you should ask the staff at the emergency hospital for help. 

If your pet got into something possibly poisonous, please bring in what they ate.

If there is bleeding, get bandage material or even a sock or T-shirt, and place steady pressure on the site of bleeding until you arrive.

If your pet is seizing, please stay away from their mouth.

How Can You Tell If Your Pet Needs Emergency Veterinary Care?

If you have any uncertainty at all about whether or not your pet needs emergency veterinary care – bring them in!

Better to be safe than sorry. Call the emergency animal hospital or take them there straight away.

However, here are some definite signs that your dog or cat needs medical attention right away:

  • Rapid breathing
  • Weak pulse
  • Rapid pulse
  • Body temperature change
  • Difficulty standing up
  • Pale gums
  • Paralysis or difficulty moving
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Seizure
  • Excessive bleeding

Furthermore, if you think your pet may have eaten something poisonous to them, we encourage you to call your emergency veterinary clinic and/or the Pet Poison Helpline (800-213-6680) for immediate assistance. Click here for a list of pet toxins.

Remember, when in doubt about your pet’s wellbeing, seek help right away.

>> Clarkson Village Animal Hospital is a 24-hour emergency clinic. We are ALWAYS open and there is ALWAYS a vet on-site. If you think your cat or dog may need emergency veterinary care, we urge you to call us right now at 905-855-2100.

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