November is ‘Adopt a Senior Pet’ Month

November 1st, 2017 by The Clarkson Team

Senior pets can be the most rewarding pets to adopt. They can offer unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship. Unfortunately, they are often passed up for puppies or kittens and can spend a long time looking for a home to live out the rest of their golden years.

Cats and dogs over seven years of age are typically called ‘senior’ animals. Small animals tend to spend a larger portion of their lives as seniors – some pets live well until their late teens and even longer! A senior pet can have a very long and healthy life and may be in an early mid-life stage.

If you are considering adding a new family member to the household here are some reasons you should consider adopting a senior pet

• At the time of adoption, you will know the size of the pet, what his personality is, and what level of care he will need. There will be no surprises down the road!
• Older pets tend to be calmer than younger ones, and this often makes them easier to train.
• Older animals tend to have already learned how to get along with others and join the team, so they can bond with their new family quicker!
• Most older pets have been housetrained already, they are less rough on the floors, shoes, and furniture that younger animals might still enjoy chewing on from time to time!
• Older pets have the physical and mental capability to pick up on household rules quickly, unlike cute little puppies.
• Older dogs often have less energy than a younger dog, so they will not need to or want to, run as far and as often as a younger puppy.

Unfortunately, older animals are often the last to be adopted if they are placed at a shelter. When you adopt an older dog, you are saving a life! This November, please consider adopting one of our wonderful senior pets in our shelters across the province, there are many sweet animals waiting to be your next best friend!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our hospital at 905-855-2100, we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Written by Dr. Gibbon

About The Clarkson Team

Our caring, dedicated veterinary team has helped dogs, cats, and their families for over 27 years at the Clarkson Village Animal Hospital in Mississauga. We know how important your furry family members are – we’re pet lovers too!

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