Adult Cat Wellness

How Old Is My Cat Really?

Cats are considered to be mature adults at 12 months of age.

During their adult years (1 to 10 years for cats), we recommend an annual comprehensive physical examination, appropriate vaccination for infectious disease, and examination of a stool sample for intestinal parasites.

Why Is an Annual Physical Examination Important?

Cats have a relatively short adult life compared to humans, since every year of their life represents 5 to 6 human years.

Obviously, dramatic changes in their health can occur over this time period. It’s important to bring your cat to see us at least annually, to ensure your pet lives the longest and healthiest life possible.

Cats hide their symptoms from us, and they can’t tell us when something is wrong. Bringing your cat in for an examination helps us find any hidden illnesses and treat them right away.

Does My Cat Need Any Preventive Tests?

Annual blood and urine tests may also be recommended at vaccination time.

This wellness screen will identify early kidney and liver problems, and evidence of infection or anemia before your pet has shown any outward signs.

If all test values are normal, these results will also serve as a helpful frame of reference for any future testing.

If a surgical procedure, such as a dental cleaning or mass removal, is determined to be necessary during the physical exam, these test values will serve as a pre-anesthetic screen prior to surgery. Anesthetics are metabolized by either the liver or kidneys, and therefore it is extremely important that these organs are functioning normally in order to design an individualized anesthetic protocol.

Does My Cat Need Vaccinations?

The appropriate vaccination protocol for your pet will be discussed during your vaccination appointment.

Cats who spend time outdoors or associate with other animals will be at higher risk for some diseases. Additional vaccines may be recommended for these cats compared to their indoor counterparts.

Yearly vaccinations provide an ideal opportunity to identify and treat any problems that your adult cat may be experiencing before they become significant health concerns.

Early detection and treatment of a problem may allow your adult pet to enjoy many healthy, happy years as a senior member of your family.

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